Colocation FAQ


  •  What is colocation and for whom is it useful?

    Colocation or server housing means that you can house your own server hardware at our data center parks and profit from the existing infrastructure. You benefit from the uninterruptible power supply and air conditioning, the fast redundant Internet connection, the security concept, DDoS protection and on-site customer support around the clock. We can offer you geo-redundancy and thus even greater reliability. These services can be used by private users as well as small and large companies at a low cost. Thus, you relieve your IT department and can concentrate on your core business.

  •  What is a cage and for whom is it suitable?

    In addition to colocation racks, you also have the opportunity to rent seperated colocation areas, or so-called Cages. Colocation Cages are closed areas which you can use exclusively. The space includes raised flooring (grid 60x60cm, 1 meter in height). It is seperated using wire fencing or opaque steel sandwich panels. The cage is cooled via the raised floor. 63A protected circuits provide power. Cages are interesting for all customers who require 20 or more square meters of space, and want to use our professional infrastructure.

  •  How and when is access possible?

    As a customer, you have exclusive 24/7 access to your rack or cage via your transponder. If it is the first time or just a temporary visit of an external technician, you can set appointments and access authorisation via the administration interface Robot. You then receive a generated password which is used for authentication with the on-site personnel, who will then hand over a transponder for the key controlled interlocking security doors to your rack. The visit is logged and footage is archived in the administration interface for inspection.

  •  How quickly do I gain access?

    Racks are usually available within one business day. You can access your cage approximately 3 months after the contract has been made.

  •  Do you offer an installation service?

    Yes, we accept shipments of customer hardware, and can undertake the installation, e.g. servers, firewall, switch or NAS including LAN cabling. The price is based on the amount of effort.

    Likewise, hardware such as e.g. drives, power supples, fans or RAM can be exchanged on behalf of the customer. Here also the price is based on the amount of effort.

  •  How are the electricity costs calculated?

    The electricity costs are based on consumption. For example:

    One Server with a constant 200 watt power usage costs:
    0,2 KW * 24h * 30 days * electricity price 12 Cent = €17.28 per month