IP Broker

Nine-stages IPv4 transfer process

1.  Verification: Based on RIR regulations, the buyer and seller might need to be verified.

2. NDA: Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) are signed to protect the conversation and discussion from disclosure about both parties’ confidential matters. 

3. Block Checking: The buyer will check the Seller’s IPv4 block; technically and legally to ensure it meets their approval. 

4. Blocks Purchase Agreement: A BPA (Blocks Purchase Agreement) defines the contractual terms and conditions between the parties. 

5. Invoicing: The Seller will send a Proforma invoice to the buyer with the agreed amount,  terms & conditions. 

6. Payment method: The buyer and the seller will use ESCROW.com as a method of payment; the buyer will transfer the invoice value to the seller account @ ESCROW.com based on the approved blocks purchase agreement.

7. Transfer: The IP transfer process uses the tools provided by RIR Region, the IPs are released by the seller, accepted by the buyer, the buyer is billed by RIR, then fully releases the IPs to the buyer 

8. Payment: The payment is released to Seller. 

9. Documentation: Final documentation and closing conditions are completed.